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Left on Sakura's bed, next to a small bottle:

For Turquoise/Sion/Kazuki )


Delivered to Sasuke's room:

For Sasuke )


Under Emerald's door:
For Itachi )


Slid under Iolite's door:
For Neji )


Slid under Sterling's door and labelled FOR KAKASHI ONLY, PLEASE! )


Slid under various team doors, labelled for Shark and Kit, Zuko and Tavros, Mau and Red, and Josh (each letter slightly personalized but along these lines):

for... )


And lastly, under Amethyst's door:

for Pepper )
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Name Tsunami // Sakura Haruno
Age Appears 16; is 16
Team Turquoise

Height/Build 5'3 / Sakura is a trained ninja and a brawler so even accounting for her chakra-enhancement to her strength, she will be well-muscled, especially in her arms and shoulders and overall be trim and fit.

Hair Color/Eye Color Pink / Green
Notable Traits If there are any -- Sakura (supposedly) has a larger-than-average forehead and is sort of touchy about this; though on the advice of her childhood friend she chooses to not hide it, instead keeping her bangs pulled back with her forehead protector as a headband.
-- as of day 114, Sakura now has a headband to keep her hair back out of her face.
-- as of day 145 Sakura has a custom outfit
Other N/A?
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☒ Starting Memory: Naruto and Sakura vs Kakashi; getting the bells for the second time. (From here to here with the sound off).

She will remember Naruto (and Kakashi) on sight, as well as recognize that she (and the other boy) are apparently supposed to be really good at fighting. With enough time to extrapolate she will probably realize they are ninja, since she will have a basic understanding of how her world works.


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...It's been a month and a half since I did this and I want to chatter. Ask me questions/relationship meme/option three??

Also I promise I wont hardcore fail like I did on my last one. I had sudden explosion of busy in Sept and dropped like...every possible ball.

comment counts for my own tracking ~18.5k ~2.5k ~6k
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Characters: Sakura and Neji
Location: The ring
Time: Day 168, Hook/Sea-Witch game

[ The sound of faint music draws you toward the ring, too low for anyone to make out what's playing. Unfortunately, stepping into the ring today does not land you in front of a scrumptious feast or welcoming environment . . .

That is, unless you find dark and frigid cells inviting. It's a very small space, which you're sharing with a person who is mostly likely someone special to you. From the motion, it's fairly clear you're on a ship of some kind and there doesn't seem to be anyone aside from your partner around. A quick look will reveal a knife and a small vial labelled with a skull and crossbones nearby.]
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Significant Neutral: Please, stop...(55/15-56/20)
Nimue team bond game // Day 155
Form: Cups for tea with a small vine in your team's color. Drink from them.
Shareable: yes; 3/3

Summary )

Effects )


Trivial Neutral: Stop wasting food! (v03c019p16-c020p20)
Gingerbread Witch pie eating game // Day 152
Form: Each memory comes in a miniature pie that is permanently warm. The filling happens to be whatever your favorite flavor is
Shareable: no

Summary )

Effects )


Significant Positive: "A flower is meaningless unless it blooms, right?" (v01c071p12-13)
Columbine stuffed animal battle // Day 150
Form: A small sealed package of sugar-glazed popcorn matching appropriate team colors. Shareable: yes; 10/10

I always believed those words you told me... I always hoped they were true

two pages, under cut )

summary )

effects )


Mundane: general practice medical knowledge/basic first aid
Unicorn Neg-Cr game // Day 153
Form: two pieces of interlocking but jagged wood

The knowledge half of Sakura's medical training! She will now have a really solid and intimate knowledge of how the human body and the chakra network functions. She knows how all your bits should go together. This gives her not only skill as a 'healer' (in the fantasy sense) but also a more real-world 'doctor' skill.


Special: advanced chakra control
Jabberwocky points game // Day 140
Form: a slightly-too-rare bite of meat of unknown origin

As it says! Sakura now has better control in general (which helps her with fighting/healing), and can do more complicated things like walk on water or up vertical surfaces.
medpacksapunch: Sakura: coy/shy (and then I wanna shake that ass)

Significant Positive: Confessing to Sasuke (my forehead is the only thing above average...) (v01c003p15-19)
Three of Three's Elevator Game // Day 146, afternoon
Form: gold coins with a smiling woman's face on one side, a frowning face on the other; flip to view.
Shareable: yes; 8/8

Summary:but really )

Effects: facehands forever )
medpacksapunch: Sakura: ready pose/fighting (bazooka in the front)
As of 145 evening, Sakura has a new outfit! I doodled a sketch of it months ago but I wanted to do a better version of it, so. Outfit :B And I put her hair up because I felt like it

hopefully still adequately turquoise )
medpacksapunch: Sakura: depressed/let down/crying (give me one more shot)

Significant Negative: Sai tells Sakura Naruto loves her (pg 13-16)
Green Knight(Loser) Game // Day 143, evening
Form: a ribbon in your team colors. Tie it around your arm to view the memory.
Shareable: yes; 5/5

Summary )

Effects &c )
medpacksapunch: Sakura: flattered/hopeful/pleased (I swear you'll have a fun time)
It is the slowest of slow Fridays and I want to babble. I don't have any really appropriate landmarks, so I'm going to pretend that 14k and 666 are totally round and legit landmarks.

Also I know I have been teeeerrible at answering question meme things in other people's over the last month BUT THIS ONE IN ON MY JOURNAL I CAN'T FORGET IT'S HERE ;o;
medpacksapunch: Sakura: pleasant/perky (from head to toe)
oops animated gifs mildly obnoxious on the network )

Trivial Positive: Being on Team Seven was fun! (gif-set source)
Game 107 // Day 135, afternoon
Form: a small flip-animation book with a little cartoon monster. Flip through the pages quickly to see the monster run and make comedically scary faces!
Shareable: yes; infinite

Summary: So as part of a later signeg Sakura tells Sasuke that being on team seven was fun -- however, due to like...pacing and interesting story telling, we don't really get to see team seven do... a lot of stuff together, silly d-rank mission stuff, learning to be a team &c &c &c. It's basically just like BAM Land of Waves arc BAM Chuunin exams, which is where the plot really ramps up.

But clearly there must have been something there? Which is why this is mostly a headcanon memory and now I am going to spam fanart (and some canon art)

Effects: +a zillionty team seven dere )
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Significant Positive: vs Ino at the Chuunin Exams
Game 106 // Day 133, night
Form: chrysanthemum wagashi
Shareable: no

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It's been a month and a half and Sakura is at ~11K comments so... question/relationship meme?
medpacksapunch: Sakura: shock/sudden insight/horror (listen up)

Significant Negative: getting between Chidori and Rasengan (pg 2-9)
(Loser) Game 102 // Day 131, morning
Form: Turquoise colored box, open to view
Shareable: yes; infinite

Summary: Sasuke and Naruto are fighting on the hospital roof, while Sakura watches them from the stairwell door. The fight gets more and more heated and angry, until they both bring out their most powerful attacks; Sakura rushes out to put herself between them, ordering them to stand down. Both boys panic because physics has decided to work today, and neither of them can stop their current trajectory, even with Sakura right in their path.

Effects:Read more... )

PS yesterday was Sakura's birthday, apparently. Tanjoubi omedeto~ Sakura~
medpacksapunch: Sakura: fighting/punching/sunderring (let's hit it)
Special: Chakra Enhanced Strength
Skill Game 17 // Day 129, night
Form: crabapple

For this technique the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing, which greatly enhances their strength. [...] This technique is actually an application of medical ninjutsu that demands excellent concentration and chakra control.

Considerations &cRead more... )
medpacksapunch: Sakura: pleasant/cheerful (now why in the world)
This is adorable, I want to play ;3;

// friends //
best friends - [above all others]
close friends - [sharing secrets and dreams]
friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]
emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

More... )
medpacksapunch: Sakura: determined/confident/challenging (damn boy)
Trivia Positive: Please, make me your apprentice! (pg 18-19)
(Loser) Game 98 // Day 125, noon
Form: bite-sized fruit tart.
Shareable: no

Summary: Sakura enters Tsunade's office in the hospital and asks to be her apprentice. Tsunade sizes her up, says she's heard good things from Kakashi and tells her from now on she wont go easy on her.

Effects: Not a lot of new info here, as Sakura already has both sets of training-with-Tsunade memories; the most important addition is the (unstated) but very mentally loud understanding that this request is driven by her desire to help both Sasuke and Naruto. This actually slots in nicely to where she is in her aather development at the moment, where she's no longer looking blindly for just any way to improve, but doing so in ways that she hopes will be useful to specific people she cares about.

She is also slowly feeling her way into referring to herself (and asking others to refer to her) as Sakura -- getting confirmation that her remembered-self and the person she is now make relatively similar decisions will help her along, there.
medpacksapunch: Sakura: worn out/rueful/smiling (so good...)
Significant Neutral: Med-nin training (headcanon)
Game 96 // Day 123, morning
Form: copper bracelets. Four uses
Shareable: 1/4

Summary: While Naruto was learning how to punch really effectively with Jiraya and Sasuke was off learning to disdain things out of existance, Sakura spent her three years being Tsunade's apprentice; this memory is mostly focussed on the medical skills side of that, but there was a lot of focus on chakra control woven into that that is applicable to pretty much all her other ninja skills. Given the glimpses of the hospitals and operating rooms we get to see in canon, I assume this was very much like being on rotation for med school for three years, with some handwavey chakra ninja ninja thrown in. Lots of studying, lots of patient contact, lots of hands-on learning the ways of the human body and how to fix it when it breaks.

effects )

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